Extreme high notes

F5, G5 and above. Allow preparation time and avoid leaps!
Extreme high notes:

Reed removed

Removing the reed from the crook. Several
different effects available, including reed alone, blowing, tongue
slap, etc. Notated with a verbal instruction.
Reed removed:

Key rattle

Rattling instrument keys. Notated with x-shaped notehads and a verbal instruction. Not particularly loud on a single instrument.
Key rattle:


Playing chords. In non-specific situations, notate by writing a bottom note with the word 'chord' above. There are quite a few possible on the bassoon, but bear in mind that individual instruments vary and the same sounds will not always be available on every instrument. Not very common on the contra!
Multiphonics (bassoon, played):
Multiphonics (contra, played): Multiphonics (bassoon, sung):



Intervals smaller than a semitone. Notations vary, but the examples above show a microtonal inflection and a quartertone. Produced by lipping.

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