The Internet Cello Society

The Internet Cello Society, an international cyber-community of cellists, seeks to advance the knowledge and joy of cello playing around the world. We welcome cello enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We currently have over 24424 members representing 84 different countries of the world.

Cello Classics

Founded in April 2001 we are dedicated to releasing CDs of unexplored repertoire for the cello, played by some of the most exciting players of the past and the present, and introducing some of the cellists of the future.

Play Cello

Instructional blog for would-be cellists.

All Things Strings

Online magazine for string players.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual is a free resource and will remain so. It still receives between 8,000 and 16,000 unique visits per month from all over the world. See the testimonials. Thanks to all the donations, I have been able to create this responsive re-design. But the movies and sound clips recorded in 2004 do show their age. I would really like to re-record everything and add many more techniques, especially for solo and ensemble writing. I estimate this will cost around £30,000. If you know a source of such funds, please contact me: a.hugill [at]