Bells up

Raising the bell into the air. Notated with a verbal instruction. Very striking when done by the whole horn section together, but primarily a theatrical effect.
Bells up:



A slide in pitch between notes. Valve/lip glissando involves hitting as many harmonics as possible between two pitches. This is the standard glissando, but it is also possible to use the hand to slide a semitone.
Horn Glissandi
Hand glissando:



Semitone trills work anywhere on the instrument. Whole tone trills can be more difficult, especially in the low to middle register. Lip trills between two harmonics work well in the upper and middle registers.


Tremolo or "Shake"

Tremolos are not really feasible on the horn.


A brassy sound. Notated with a verbal instruction. (Germ. schmettern It. produrre suoni metallici). Use for limited periods only.

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