Oboes: Range

The oboe range is from Bb3-G6:
The written range of the cor anglais range is B3-Gb6 (sounding E3-Eb6):
Oboe d'amore is written B3-Gb6 (sounding Ab3-Eb6)
Bass oboe is written B3-Gb6 (sounding B2-Gb5)
Heckelphone written A3-Gb6 (sounding A2-Gb5).
The dynamic range of the oboe:
Limitations to oboe range:
Unstable notes on the oboe:
Super high notes on the oboe:
Dynamic shapes
Longest possible notes
Hear the range of oboe or cor anglais by clicking on the notes in the range maps below.

Select dynamic:
then click note to hear sound played on oboe
(N.B. changes in dynamics may affect timbre as much as apparent volume level)

Some higher notes may occasionally be achieved on the oboe, but are unreliable.

Select dynamic:
then click note to hear sound played on cor anglais
Note that the cor anglais sounds a fifth lower than written

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