Woodblock beaters

Hotrods, rute & brushes:
Vibe mallets:
Xylophone beaters:

Thai Gong beaters

Brushes, hotrods & rute:
Vibe & xylophone beaters:

Tambourine beaters (without jingles)

Rute, brushes & hotrods:
Xylophone & vibe mallets:

Glockenspiel beaters

Glock, vibe & xylophone mallets:

Nipple Gong beaters

Vibe & bass drum:
Wooden (avoid!) & gong beater:

Snare Drum Sticks

Risks with snare drum sticks:

Timpani Mallets

See the pitched skins section.

General Tips

Notating mallets:
Dynamic range of beaters:
Picking up/changing beaters:

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