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To inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world.


To be the global leader in percussion and drumming by providing unparalleled and interactive resources and experiences in percussion education, performance, and research.


Innovation: Cultivating, encouraging, and embracing opportunities that foster the advancement and diversification of music and people.

Education: Exemplifying high standards and sharing resources for percussion teaching, performing, pedagogy, and research.

Outreach: Inspiring current and future generations by providing the opportunity to experience music making and music appreciation.

Relationships: Promoting friendships and camaraderie amongst percussionists, drummers, and the music industry, while building bonds with our local and global communities.

Preservation: Ensuring the historical integrity of our art form and our organization.

All About Percussion

The percussion section of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music's 'Sound Junction' site.

About Percussion Orchestrations

Percussion Orchestrations is the brainchild of eminent percussionist Ed Cervenka. It is a database of Timpani and Percussion requirements for orchestral, operatic and contemporary repertoire, currently containing 8068 works by 717 different composers, and is continually being added to. Each work included is broken down by movement, and denotes specifically which instruments each player requires, and for more complex works, explanatory notes are included.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual is a free resource and will remain so. It still receives between 8,000 and 16,000 unique visits per month from all over the world. See the testimonials. Thanks to all the donations, I have been able to create this responsive re-design. But the movies and sound clips recorded in 2004 do show their age. I would really like to re-record everything and add many more techniques, especially for solo and ensemble writing. I estimate this will cost around £30,000. If you know a source of such funds, please contact me: a.hugill [at] bathspa.ac.uk