Combinations & Tuttis

Gustav Mahler: Symphony 4 (Philharmonia/Zander
Telarc 2CD-80555)
MII 154-160:
A falling acccented string phrase, leads to a melody on horn, decorated by flute and brass. But all this is cut across by one muted trumpet.

Igor Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) (Philharmonia/Salonen
Sony SK45796)
Fig. 57-59:
8 horns (with bassoons and low strings), punctuated by ww, strings and timps.

Gustav Holst: The Planets - Uranus (Philharmonia/Gardiner
DG445 860-2)
Brass in octaves.

Gustav Mahler: Symphony 5 (Philharmonia/Zander
Telarc 2CD-80569)
MI b357-371:
Trombone solo, leading into a horn-led tutti.

Edward Elgar: Symphony 1 (Philharmonia/Haitink
EMI CDC 7 47673 2)
Fig. 42:
A countermelody in horns, trumpets and trombones.

Claude Debussy: La Mer (Philharmonia/Cantelli
Testament SBT 1011)
II Fig. 52:
Trumpets leading to horns leading to trombones leading to a solo cornet.

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