International Tuba/Euphonium Association

fficially founded in 1973 as the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association, the International Tuba Euphonium Association is dedicated to promoting and advancing the tuba and euphonium instruments. The organization comprises performers, educators, students, and amateurs of all backgrounds. As a non-profit organization, it is supported by membership dues and donations.

The Tuba Exchange

The Tuba Exchange goes back to the mid 1980's, and in 2011, the business was purchased by Luc & Betty Kerkhof-Black. It is the goal of the new owners to carry on the tradition of serving their customers with a wide variety of reasonably priced instruments, offering top notch customer service.

History of the Tuba

The tuba, as we all know, is a big instrument. The subject of the tuba, as it turns out, is even bigger. It all begins with a peculiar-looking Mediaeval instrument made of wood and leather that was redesigned a number of times, first gaining keys, a straightened wood or metal body in two sections and even more keys, an upright configuration of graceful, wound tubing and valves, a circular design resembling a snake once more, and eventually culminating in the 4-valve BB flat compensating behemoth we all know and love today.

The Wagner Tuba

The Wagner Tuba is one of the least well-known orchestral instruments in the world today. Its name is colourful yet ambiguous and causes confusion as to its true identity. The history of the Wagner Tuba is relatively short yet the background to its invention amongst the most notable ever. This website is dedicated to bringing the Wagner Tuba into the spotlight. We hope our readers will be encouraged to a better understanding and greater enthusiasm for this noble yet little used instrument.

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