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The Viola Web Site has established itself as an important portal for violists on the web. Through its mailing lists, The Viola Web Site provides a forum for violists to discuss, work together and inform each other of their viola-related activities, such as upcoming events, plans for the next viola congress, development of new chapters.

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Instruments in depth: the Viola

by Kerrick Sasaki, Bloomingdale School of Music.

History of the Viola

The history of the viola and the history of the violin and the so-called “violin family”, have been closely related. In the history of classical music the viola, although neglected in many aspects, has played quite an important role, recognised by several composers and authors of treatises. A bit like salt in a meal: it's not the main ingredient but it's indispensable.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual is a free resource and will remain so. It still receives between 8,000 and 16,000 unique visits per month from all over the world. See the testimonials. Thanks to all the donations, I have been able to create this responsive re-design. But the movies and sound clips recorded in 2004 do show their age. I would really like to re-record everything and add many more techniques, especially for solo and ensemble writing. I estimate this will cost around £30,000. If you know a source of such funds, please contact me: a.hugill [at]