Media: audio


Nicholas through the mist, 2015. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Late Junction'.

BBC World Service 'Business Matters' interview, 2013. Interviewed about future jobs and new course at Bath Spa University. Also comments on current news items. Contribution begins c. 20 minutes, and runs throughout.

'West Coast Live' interview, 2012. Interviewed by Sedge Thomson about 'Pataphysics. 2 million listeners.

Making Music with Computers, 2012. Lecture to the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society. Includes performance of 'Pianolith' by Karis Stretton (piano) and preview of 'Secret Garden'

Computers, Music and Me, 2012. Interview with Ben Jackson on BBC Radio Leicester.

City Soundings, 2011. Broadcast on Radio France Culture

Interactive Digital Art2010. Interview broadcast on BBC World Service 'Digital Planet', 2010.

La Grenouille et le 'Pataphysicien, 2010. Radio France Culture broadcast in the series 'Surpris par la nuit', featuring copious excerpts from musical works and an interview (90')

Catalogue de Grenouilles, 2008/2010. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Late Junction'

Creative Britain, 2008. A series of syndicated interviews (2.3 million listeners to local radio across Europe)

Nicholas through the Mist, Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Late Junction', 2008 '

John Cage, 2003. Interview on BBC Radio 3 'Night Waves'.

About 'Pianolith', 2003. Interview with the pianist GéNIA about the piece.

Clinamen, 2002. Broadcast with interview on ResonanceFM

Symphony for Cornwall, 1999. Interview and excerpts, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Music Matters'

Nocturne, 1997. Simon Allen (perc), Andrew Ball & Suzanne Cheetham (pnos). Commissioned and broadcast by BBC Radio 3

Island Symphony, 1996. Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Hear and Now' (with interview)

Music and the Internet, 1996. Feature on BBC Radio 3 including an interview and extended excerpts from 'Island Symphony'. Rather dated, but interesting nevertheless regarding ways of incorporating cyberspace in composition.

Prom Preview: Berio's 'Sinfonia', 1994. Discussion with Judith Weir, broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Brisset Rhymes, 1993. Sara Stowe (sop) and Matthew Spring (early instruments), broadcast on BBC Radio 3's 'Midnight Oil'

Doublemain, 1993. Ed Pilllinger (cl) and Suzanne Cheetham (pno) on BBC Radio 3 'Midnight Oil'

Catalogue de Grenouilles, 1991. Performed by George W. Welch, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Tuning Up' and BBC Radio 4 'Pick of the Week'

Simon and Ennoia, 1990. Performed by George W. Welch, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 'Debut' series