Projects: Current (2018)

N.B. these are all works in progress, and some are at an early stage of development

Virtual Vauxhall Gardens

A project with Lars Tharp and David Coke to build a virtual experience of Vauxhall Gardens in the 18th Century.

Ontology of Silence

A project to build an ontology of silence that can be used to structure a database of silences that in turn may be searched by an app.

Kelston Roundhill Symphony

A four-movement electroacoustic composition for Kelston Roundhill. Also featuring Roger Heaton (bass clarinet), Sara Stowe (voice), Matthew Spring (hurdy-gurdy). Poems by Jon Hamp. Commissioned by Kelston Records.

Hearing Hearing

Composing music as I actually hear it, through severe hearing loss and tinnitus, using innovative 3DTuneIn software.

The Imaginary Voyage

New islands and a specially designed interface will be added to this ongoing digital opera project during 2018.

The Digital Musician

The third edition of this book will be published in 2018.


Further development of a pataphysical programming language, created with Hongji Yang.