Projects: Current (2018)

N.B. these are all works in progress, and some are at an early stage of development

Virtual Vauxhall Gardens

A project with Lars Tharp and David Coke to build a virtual experience of Vauxhall Gardens in the 18th Century.

Ontology of Silence

A project to build an ontology of silence that can be used to structure a database of silences that in turn may be searched by an app.

Kelston Roundhill Symphony

A four-movement electroacoustic composition for Kelston Roundhill. Also featuring Roger Heaton (bass clarinet), Sara Stowe (voice), Matthew Spring (hurdy-gurdy). Poems by Jon Hamp. Commissioned by Kelston Records.

Hearing Hearing

Composing music as I actually hear it, through severe hearing loss and tinnitus, using innovative 3DTuneIn software.

The Imaginary Voyage

New islands and a specially designed interface will be added to this ongoing digital opera project during 2018.