Hugill began working in health research in the early noughties, developing creative computing applications to support palliative care and subsequently working with the Creative Skills for Life and "Long-Term Care Revolution" projects. However, his personal experience of Ménière's Disease and its effects of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus, has led to a significant increase in activity in recent years. As always, his work is highly transdisciplinary, often combining creative computing, music and cultural research to inform the development of health-related investigations.


Hugill, A. (2017) Ménière's and Me
An account of my experiences with Ménière's Disease and its consequences for my personal and professional life.

Work in Progress

Hugill, A., Drever, J. L. et al. (2018) Aural Diversity
This project aims to create both concerts and an academic symposium produced by and intended for aurally diverse people.

A project to create an AI for Balance Disorders. Funded by the Wellcome Trust's 'Discipline Bridges' scheme.

Hugill, A. (2018) Hearing Hearing
Composing music as I actually hear it, through severe hearing loss and tinnitus, using innovative 3DTuneIn software.

Hugill, A. (2018) Improving hearing aids and audiology for musicians with and without Ménière's Disease.
This qualitative study interviews selected musicians. Funded by GNResound.

Hugill, A. & Rea, P. (2018) Balance Disorder Spectrum
An interactive spectrum of balance disorders, launched during Balance Awareness Week, 2018. This will continue to evolve and there are plans to build an AI diagnostic tool.


Hugill, A. (2018) 'Aural Diversity'. Given at the 63rd Annual Convention of Hearing Aid Acousticians, Hannover, Germany.

Greasley, A., Hugill, A. & Jacques, A. (2018) 'Music and Meniere's: insights into music listening and performance through hearing aids'. Given at the Ménière's Society Conference, London.

Hugill, A. (2018) 'Introducing the Balance Disorder Spectrum'. Given at the Ménière's Society Conference, London.

Hugill, A. (2015) 'Creativity and the Long Term Care Revolution'. Given at the Long Term Care Revolution Conference, London and Edinburgh, May/June 2015.

Completed Project

Digital sensory experiences for therapeutic use in hospices and elsewhere. Collaboration with LOROS and Dr R Weale, 2009.