A Virtual Visit to

St. George's Island, Looe, Cornwall, UK

This site was created before the sad death of Babs Atkins, and is intended as a memorial to the memory of both her and her sister Evelyn ('Attie').
They were the owners of St. George's Island until Babs' death. It is now owned by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, which is what they would have wanted.
You will find recorded interviews with Babs and pictures of her as you make your virtual visit.

aerial view of island

This aerial view clearly shows the landing beach (top left) and the house and craft centre (top right) on the north side of the island, the woodland, and the rugged cliffs to the south.


sea view of island


Here is the island on a grey day, seen from a boat, looking south. It is possible to visit during the summer months - you can take the "Lisa K" from East Looe quayside.

This website however invites you to make a Virtual Visit. This is best viewed with a broadband connection.You can find out more about this site here. Some other sites about the island are: David Clensy's St. George's Island online, the Looe Island site, and Looe.org

This Virtual Visit will take you on a multimedia tour of the island. Art and craft objects, writings, music, and information (both historical and presnt-day) will be found in the Craft Centre, where you can also buy the famous books about the island.

So, click this link to set off on your Virtual Visit!