St. George's Island

An Introduction to St. George's Island

Aerial View of Island

By David Clensy

St. George's Island is a small, privately owned Cornish island. It lies just a mile off the Southern Cornish coast, near the small fishing village of Looe. For this reason it is known to many as Looe Island. Since the early 1960's the island has been owned by the Atkins sisters, who originally came from Surrey. The fascinating story of how Evelyn and Babs Atkins came to find themselves on the island is brilliantly told in 'We Bought an Island' by Evelyn E. Atkins, who sadly died in February 1997.

The island is twenty-two and a half acres in extent, one mile in circumference, and rises up to 150 feet. It enjoys magnificent sea and coastal views from Prawle Point in Devon to the Lizard Peninsula. With snow and frost virtually unknown it has an exceptionally mild climate. Daffodils bloom at Christmas, and unlike most small islands it is wooded. A natural sanctuary for sea and woodland birds and one time haunt of smugglers, its known history includes a Benedictine chapel built in 1139 of which only a few stones remain visible. Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea landed here with the child Christ.

I have a particular fondness for the island after having spent a number of Summer working holidays there over the passed decade. I hope that you enjoy exploring my site, devoted to this remarkable place.

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