Chapel Site

There is nothing left of what was a monkish retreat in the Middle Ages. A few shaped stones of dubious date mark the spot where the medieval chapel of Lammana once stood. (You can find out more about the island's history in the Craft Centre).

This is the highest point on the island. On a clear day, you can see for many miles in all directions. Beneath your feet are deep caves, which resonate when the wind is up. Sometimes it sounds like monks chanting.

chapel seat

You can sit on the bench here and look around.

to the south

View to the south

to the west

View to the western headland of Portnalder Bay with the Hore Stone lying just offshore

to your feet

And the chapel stones at your feet.

After looking for a while, you realise you could scramble some way down the west face of the cliff if you wish.

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