by Andrew Hugill
Commissioned by BBC Radio 3
as part of 'The Fairest Isle' (year of British Music, 1995)
Dedicated to Philip Grange
Scored for 2 Pianos and Percussion

Broadcast performance by Anrdew Ball and Suzanne Cheetham (pianos) with Simon Allen (percussion). Listen HERE


.....And he believed that above all there are only hallucinations, or perceptions, and that there are neither nights nor days, and that life is continuous; yet that one would never be aware of its continuity, nor even that life exists, without these pendulum movements; and life is primarily verified by the beating of the heart." (Alfred Jarry, Days and Nights)

Tuned Tam-Tams (E flat, A, F sharp)*
Talking Drum
Pedal Timpani
Mbira (Thumb piano)* [diamond noteheads indicate approximate pitches only]
Balafon (African Gourd xylophone)*
Hand Bells (chromatic, 2 octaves)
Burmese Gong (F sharp)*
Dobachi (Japanese temple bowls) (D, F,B flat, C)*
* = tunings either non-tempered or approximate.