After composition, musicology has been Hugill's longest standing area of research. The overall focus is mainly on aspects of contemporary composition, electronic and digital music, and includes not just conventional paper publications but also several web-based projects. The best-known of these is The Orchestra: a User's Manual, a website created in 2004 with the Philharmonia Orchestra which still routinely receives around 12,000 unique visits per month.


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Interactive Flash version of Percy Grainger's composition (takes 15 seconds to load on a decent broadband connection)


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Video: Part 1 | Part 2

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Computers, Music and Me. Interview with Ben Jackson on BBC Radio Leicester, 2012.

Can Engelbert win? Interview with Leicester Mercury about Engelbert Humperdinck and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Central TV news report on Engelbert Humperdinck's lack of success, with my comments from 1' 14" onwards.

John Cage. Interview on BBC Radio 3 'Night Waves', 2003.

About 'Pianolith'. Interview with the pianist GeNIA about the piece, 2003.

Music and the Internet. Feature on BBC Radio 3 including an interview and extended excerpts from 'Island Symphony'. Rather dated, but interesting nevertheless regarding ways of incorporating cyberspace in composition, 1996.

Prom Preview: Berio's 'Sinfonia'. Discussion with Judith Weir, broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 1994.

Erik Satie - Things Seen to the Right and the Left. BBC2 TV documentary, including interviews with Hugill and excerpts from his arrangement of 'Uspud', 1992.