((((Moreover, when a man, with his ear pressed stethoscopically
(((((As is done to a young person to whom the Faculty
Has forbidden human contact and closed the window,
Having found him to be infected with tuberculosis,
Which, whilst hard on the young, respects the mature)))))
Against this door or that wall whilst others strip him bare,
(((((Let us not forget that indeed a voice carries
Through a thin wall, through a door;)))))
Sees his faults naked before him, his habits, his tastes,
When to his complacent eyes they seem diminished,
As though, choosing an opportune moment,
A spell had been cast to make him liable
To mistake:- the apparatus invented by Franklin
Which makes a thunderbolt harmlessly disappear into a hole,
For a grey thread passed through a darning-needle;
- For those objects which adorn the arm of a newly promoted officer,
A cluster of three white stars in the sky from a firework;
- When there's a middle line cutting it in half, for the bib
Of a priest, a blackboard; - the full tube with a bowl
Of a thermometer soon to fall,
For a pin with a round head;
- Soft, a worn-out collar which grips the dog tight,
For a strip encircling an umbrella; - a spiralling shower-tap
In a full shower installation, for a simple spiral
Spring; - the snuffer capping a dead candle,
For that which sharpens a white pencil exposing new blackness
Attached to a society notebook; the aquatic and stark ball
In the corner of a frightening dentist's, for the water-feeder
Of a sober canary; - for the propellor working
Against nothing when the swell lifts it, a disturbed mill
In frenzy, ravaged by a hurricane; - the monkey-
Wrench, positioned as if to take a nut, for a semiquaver
Rest; - for an egg alone on a side-plate,
Well salted in its centre, a scalp lowered in prayer
Of an aged and yellowing priest; and for a daisy
Without its stalk, sunnyside up
The egg on a plate; - for three stylish lines striped unostentatiously
On a shiny evening glove of magnificent whiteness,
Three neighbouring black keys; - a photographic tripod,
As the Green Ray disappears, for the discarded stalk
Of a triple cherry; - in passing, for the miserable
Jet of water produced by a bend in a hosepipe,
That of a park; - for a slack hammock,
The safety-net of a circus tightrope-walker;
- The insensible arrow of foreshortened descent
Which is plucked from a heart, for a learned goose quill
With red ink; - a nautical flashlight which commands
Systematically the right to clear a path, for
A heavy hand-held lantern; - the jettisonings
Made by a balloonist who is taking off, for the internal stream
Of an hourglass; - for an empty reel which looks
Like a used bobbin with a clean ribbon, a dusty
Drum after braiding; - a removed and creased glove
Of a cardinal, for the massive hand-print
In coral from which happiness springs; in a boat,
For two pharmacist's spatulas,
The pair of oars; - the knot which, sooner or later,
An Alsace girl wears to decorate her head,
For a necktie knot; - for a milestone
Near a bench, a menhir or a dolmen a little way off;
- A group who look like policemen, for the sad swarm
Of aimless students that one encounters on holidays;
- For a shaky O inscribed by a mute on his slate,
A circle made in one movement on a blackboard;
- For the shape of the neck of a bottle, the spout
With which a cafe terrace is sprinkled
In innumerable figures-of-eight; - at dusk
In the tropics, for a bat,
A vampire; - the card on which, following our condolences,
The family of a dead man expresses its thanks, for that
Of a visitor newly in mourning; - for the string
Around a confectioner's selected bags, the gold braid
On an official hat; - in a certain corridor
For two brackets, pointed at the bottom, in crude characters,
The mark indicating complete closure; - for a peach at which prudishly
One dare not look, a red backside
Of a naughty beaten child; - for the string of beads
Remaining on a broken set of worry-beads, the ball and chain
Of an old lag on penal servitude; - for that which is released
By a needle pricking a blister, the escape which in the desert
The sword of a traitor drains from the water-sack; - when, beautifully described,
The wind rages, a raft tossed in a whirlwind,
For a spinning-top; - red sign, a rhomboid marker
Of a phial of poison, for the central shape
Of the Ace of Diamonds; - for that through which eagerly
The afflicted myopic strains his eye,
A porthole; - for the sudden downpour
From a man watering his flowers, what falls upon one's head
From a shower nozzle; - when without panic
One puts it to the test, for two lowerings of the trapdoor,
Those of a house-curtain; - for the ruler which strikes,
All of a tremble, the outstretched fingers of schoolboys,
A beam in the funeral parlour; - a pillory
Collar for handcuffs, which to the eye
Only presents half; - for an obstacle
Surrounding a lawn, a telegraph-pole with a single
Wire; - a rude clown as he gibbers into the air
With his drum at his side, for a tambourine
Held up to a mirror; - when upon them, although not a blizzard,
It is snowing, a cluster of red eggs
For sugared strawberries; - in May, when bad weather is past,
A newly-wed in a holy place, for a lone
Communicant; - for a deceitful document
Full of cliches, a newspaper with black borders
Announcing the death of the proprietor; - for that which in wild music,
His hand in time with his steps, the Spaniard beats together,
A bell-clapper; - for the baton of a conductor who takes a two-four
At double speed, the bowsprit during foul weather
Of an anchored skiff; - for the card calling the insulter
To the small meadow, the rectangular mural in a mortuary
In white marble, the name in black; - when in the holy chapel
For the elevation, for an unconsecrated one
The Host being used; - when far from niggling problems,
Its usefulness past, it vegetates, an end of chalk
For a pill; - for the shining gem,
The uncut diamond which the jeweller prepares,
The Sancy *; - that instrument which a muderer dreams
Is ready to receive him, for a cigar-cutter;
- Four-sided sign, the cross, which in stations,
Mounted on revolving discs, makes the various lines change,
For a sharp sign; - in the circus a group with raised fore-parts
Of tall horses rearing for long stretches, for a horde
Of aimless sea-horses; - the thief having been captured, for the rope
Of an erected gibbet, blowing in a high wind,
A lassoo; - in the instance, reasonably frequent,
When its hands are in diametric opposition, a watch,
For a pulse-indicator; - for the glove of confrontation
Flying towards a certain gentleman, what is passing through the air
As an advertising leaflet; - the curved bill, by the determined crane
Lowered into a river, for an unbaited hook
Of an absent-minded fisherman; - the attachment which, firmly
Placed on its bridge, mutes a violin,
For a little m; - in a refreshment area
An intruding cayman near a fixed parasol,
For a lizard beneath a mushroom; - during a fracas,
A brown knocked-out tooth, for the pip from a fruit
Spat out; - for the glutton who eats a second time
And is squashed by a clap of the hands, his flighty cousin
Who escapes to the ceiling; - in a gun lodge,
For a pearl-tipped pin fallen from its knot,
The water surrounding an egg; - when a suburb is disturbed
By a regiment passing through, for a decorative bullrush,
The up-thrown swagger-stick; - for the ladder upon which dies
A little frog in a glass jar, that which without perishing
A diver uses; - for a healing tablet,
A pair of attractive dishes of hot food
Placed rim-to-rim; - when with bare arms and flying hands
A conjuror works and slaves, his clever juggling of rings,
For a new supply of key-rings; - the king of barrels
The Heidelberg Tun,* for a money-box;
- For the stamp which descends, covering whatever is to be read
With puddles of sealing-wax, a crusher at work;
- For the hole which a chick makes in emerging,
The one which the horseback acrobat leaves in the paper hoop;
- In a sculptor's studio, for a Pouchet* on the heath
Sewing his pebbles in a line, an unhurt Deucalion
Throwing his stones;* - as whena lion roars, brushed
By the huntsman's rifle, for a simple revolver
Frightening an enraged wild brown dog; - for a bust
Without a pedestal, what an enveloping sand
Has left visible of the Sphinx; - on washing day
A cloth which is coloured by the purple of menstrual fluids
For a handkerchief stained with nasal blood; - on the corner of streets
The blue plaque with the name alone, for that upon which one reads
The number of the house; - for that which oozes in bed
From a permed head of hair, the greased paper
Surrounding a chop; - for the disgraced ex-see-saw
Of an attractive rat cage, a faithful spring-board;
- A tunnel when voraciously full of steam,
For an unwell oral cavity with a cotton-wool plug;
- For a thimble adequately covering the longest finger on the right hand,
When it is turned inside-out, the magician's tumbler;
- For that of croupiers, so fine as they always are,
The dull muck-rake of red rubber;
- The game which to the dog appears designed to exclude him,
For a discarded group of, taken by the blacks, white
Insignificant chess pawns; - when, full of water until its sides
Are nearly bursting is a dinghy, those who are bailing out,
For a human stage-coach; - an observatory roof
For one, separated from its fellows, of the grand hemispheres
Of Magdebourg; - the child, product of secret meetings,
Left exposed on a round hillock, for the emerging figure
Of a King of gingerbread men; - when, side by side,
Two horses bolt, the axle to which they are chained,
For a low-flying arrow; - for a cut-throat
Razor in leather, the menu which is encased
In a rectangular frame; an avaricious "burn-to-the-end" candlestick
For a flat-headed drawing-pin out on its own
With its point upwards; - in Switzerland, at the bazaar, for a curved
Eye-lash which has fallen from a moist eye, a black horn
From a chamois; - hanging from its nail, a frying-pan,
For a stopped pendulum in need of rewinding;
- In a carriage which is being made ready,
Man's degrading harness, for braces;
- In the sinner's house, an elegant lace cushion,
For the pin-cushion in which sits happily, hole-less, a hem;
- Put on by the tired fencer, a protective mask,
For an eye-protector worn like spectacles
By a stone mason; - the forehead with a network of wrinkles
Of an old man, for the upper side of a fist;
- For the disarrayed blackdrape of a lens-focusser,
That with which, in windy weather, fastened at four corners one covers
A coffin; - the albumn of portraits, if it be opened only
By besting one or two clasps, for a parish register;
- For a vulgar bell-pull, the hook on its rump which
Nobly takes the place of five fingers for the penguin;*
- The sling in which an arm is put, for that object in which, ten
times its normal size
A cheek is buried, when one has toothache;
- As it makes iron soft for bending,
For a hearth-bellows, a forge-bellows;
- For that which a cougher shows a throat'specialist,
An arched cavern, reddened by the sunset
With a single stalactite; - a pool of flowing blood
In a suspicious place, for the damned phlegm
Of the consumptive; - at the saddler's, the strap in which, empty,
A stirrup flashes, for a bright handle strap
Of a yellow umbrella; - for the treacherous cursed shot
That an eater of game spits aside at the devil,
A cannonball cleaving the air; - when irremediably
The inundation spatters it, a cardboard target,
For the 'double-ace' of dominoes; - seeing it depart,
For a flying cork that is released, a cylindrical
Lift; - for the frail arrow which indicates North,
An absent fisherman's line floating across
A dock; - of a sentinel at his hazardous post
In the shooting range, on his white stand, for a Chinese shadow,
The black silhouette; - a saturnine pair
Of boleadores at full stretch, flying strings held,
For a dumbbell; - when the fencer makes a cut,
For a snake, his foil proud to be bent;
- For the mouth of the barrel swallowing without trickery
A well-thrown discus, the one into which the cheese falls from
The crow;* - the registered letter which looks so neat
When placed off centre, address against the table,
For a 'five' of red suit; - for the intractable trident
Which raises oysters to the gob, the one which outdoors
Hoists the hay into the barn; - when in front of two stage-sets
Separated by a wall a cloud-covered curtain falls,
For a veil lowered over a thin nose; - when, bared,
They cross one another, for wide-open scissors,
Two free blades; - when their green shutters are closed,
A block of white houses in a sleeping street,
For a piece of Roquefort; - a sloping lawn where snakes
A hosepipe, for a wise old bird's shoulder
On which a long hair is strewn; - for a hotel corridor
With hanging key-number tags, a rich boulevard
Full of signposts; - blinded by nervousness,
For the child with a blindfold in blind-man's-bluff,
An aged parliamentarian; -in the market, when jovially
He roves around under its cover, for that of the Holy Father,
The white hat of a stall-owner; - assiduously toiling,
For that which a lucky thrower gets into the mouth of a barrel,*
The cold-bath wheel of a water-mill; - a white panel
Which is fronted by a full umbrella-stand occupied in five places,
For blank music-paper; - for one of the mirrors
Which produces a magnified reflection of teeth for the dentist,
A barber's concave mirror; - for the whistle
Made by inserting two fingers into the mouth, a game of 'graces'
Before the ring is thrown from the wand; - for the greasy pronged bone
Which on a special "chicken" day, for good fortune, is broken in two,
A dusty spur; - for two quickly shed tears,
That which a man with an uncontrolled cold expels
Using his fingers as a handkerchief; - on a windless day,
For an empty inkwell which is refilled with ink, a bucket
Being filled with ashphalt; - when it is signalling from a vessel,
An arm holding a red object, for a match
Which is hard to extinguish; - for what before being reinserted
A cork shows, words carved in the trunk
Of a felled tree; - when, ungloved from the elbow upwards,
It is pressed against the wall, a model's naked arm,
For an index finger; - when a mother bravely
Opens a cradle, the white curtains, for two pages
As yet uncut that are being separated; - as they zigzag without eyeholes,
A soft yellow metre-long tape measure,
For sandal laces; - when, so that his comings-and-goings
Can be better heard a child wears it, a ringing hoop,
For a watch-spring; - in a luxurious staircase
A carpet bar, for the copper hinge
Of a small box being emptied; - for the punctuation mark suitable to follow
"If you please", that which a black terrier, walking in front,
Presents to his master;*- for what is removed
From inside the shell of an egg by a spoon,
The cuff of a pope; - a beautiful cabin roof
Covered with snow, for a learned book standing spine uppermost
And newly covered with a blank sheet of paper; - when, as it must,
A horse excretes on the verge, the product, for boules
Jacks on a billiard table; - for that which from hens
Is carried out with the passage of eggs, the splashes
On a calf which is white at the bottom; - the worrying bones found
At the bottom of a pond, for the bits left on the plate
By an eater of offal; - for two teeth which break
A small piece of bread, the two white fingers of a valet who, wearing gloves
Without using his thumb, picks up a crouton; - when in comradeship
Two blacks stroll along together arm in arm, for two clumsy
Fish-hooks tangled together; - for the needle of rapid
Stitches which hypnotizes the tailor whose foot operates it,
A sledge-hammer; - when on a Sunday-best day a dreamer
Sits down, the suit which he undoes, for a pair
Of false whiskers left out; - for the kennel
Of a guard dog, its back against a wire fence,
A booth with a grill; - a red-hot firebrand
In a brazier, for the ruby which is displayed
In his handiwork by a jeweller; - the rounded hand of a scribe,
For the shorthand of a cafe waiter;
- For the inverted pocket which on the arrival of the bailiff
Is pulled from a cowardly pair of trousers, the meagre flat bag
Destined for a horse's muzzle; - for two dice shaken
In their shaker, two white cubes taken together,
Sugaring an empty cup; - the large object used
As a sign, for that which is attached to respectable houses,
A dirty number; - for the object whose wet
Lines confide their secrets to the blotting-paper,
A tube in a park; - for a gossip's little finger
Cleaning an inquisitive ear, a stiff index
Which is attracted to its own nostril; - sober assistant,
A guide-ane,* for a stripe-fronted
Corset; - when, quickly, a frightened credulous individual
Makes the horned sign of the cuckold, his hand, for the attentive head
Of a wandering snail; - for the same imaginary
Hand in a luxurious white glove, a donkey's cap;
- When an oculist opens the doors of its case,
The card hanging on the wall full of ranks of letters,
For a page of the ABC; -for a false Bishop*,
When she chooses to make his sliding move,
The Queen; - on the top of a funeral carriage, a cross
Of violets, for a dusty cross
Of amethysts on a black jewel-case; - an arm-rest
In a railway carriage, for the covered end of an old riding-crop;
- For the little balls with which, at the dining-table, a drunken prankster
Bombards the mouth of his friend, the crashing heavy spheres
Of basketball; - crutches leaning against a wall in Lourdes,
For the upside-down page of a small scholar's attempts
At capital A; - the crouton through lack of appetite,
Left, when covered by the unfolded serviette,
For the finger of a white glove; - forgotten,
A wedding-ring in the bright corner of a bathroom,
For the golden O on a stylish envelope; - looking for the missing bobbin,
For a reel of English taffeta, a piece
Of rolled-up rose-coloured satin; - a balloon, for the type
Of string covered pouch that one uses for spraying;*
- When from a bottom is expelled an egg for collection,
For that from a goat, slowly into the enclosure
Relieving himself; - for the remains, following an accident,
Of a silent mitten, a set of panpipes;
- For the gold watch which is going, tickling the ear
Of a legless boozer with a white waistcoat, the silent
Warming pan that is taken out of a bed; - whilst it ascends
A child's balloon escaping into a blue sky,
For the red stamp of a bailiff; - a blackboard
Being cleaned with a damp cloth, for the high forehead of a negro
Who, sponging himself, moistens a handkerchief; - for a swift
Lead pencil, his moistened finger outlining a name
On a misty window-pane; - the same saying "no"
Serving, horizontally, for a dark needle
On a moving compass; - that tepid caster of shadow
When the sun is obscured, for a parasol, a wall
Of a tent with a flat roof; - for a white hair from an old person's
Blonde head, the cigarette containing a blend of Havanas;
- For two rings gripping badly the diaphanous fingers
Of the skinny person, those in the circus through which two arms are thrust;
- The secured paper on which sits an unused pair of compasses
Belonging to an absent geometrician, for a stopped watch
Square in shape; - ready to be surprised if the distance is great,
For a map measuring-wheel in use, the front wheel
Of a wheelbarrow; - when of a performing horse
The flanks have described their circle, for a torsade*
With fixed feet; - during changeable weather,
When it creates a letter V, the indicating needle,
For the split end of a hair; - for two big toes
Seen through a hole in the stockings, that which encases an injured person
And protrudes from the bottom of his trousers; - for of the dull salad
The greater part, the white pieces piled up on a chequered surface
By a gossip with careless fingers; - for the first
Piece of silken paper fallen from a map made in layers,
A grey glass paving-slab; - for that which a sole
With several nails has left imprinted in droppings,
A solitaire set without pegs; - when it is grasping
Nothing, a holy armband on display, for a flamboyant
Knot tied of an evening; - a black moustache severely
Lacking in substance, if the nose punctuates its arc,
For a pause-mark; - when a park shines in the rain,
The intact bottom of a broken flower-pot, for a
Yellow patch with a hole; - when they swing in the evening,
For runner beans spilling from a plate, the narrow
Slats of a shutter; - and later, in places
Of commerce, heaped up yellow envelopes, for the potatoes
That a frier has prepared badly; - for the grey figures
Made of paper dangling from a ceiling on the end of a string,
Hanged men after a snowstorm; - product of a polite
Kiss, the round stain on a white glove, for a mark
From a sputtering blowtorch; - for that which a monarch
Has for giving assent, the marble hand made after
The right hand of a beauty; - enticed by progress,
A Redskin in a suit, for a kid with measles;
- In view of its striations, for a prized pond
Used for skating, a track used
For launching boats; - for the colourless mouth
Of an anaemic who is smoking in bed, a candle in a saucer;
- When a hustler cues up, his non-red billiard ball,
For a round pearl with a pale gold stem
That is being removed from a green ribbon; - the friendly appendage
Of a grey dog, for the noisy antenna of a metronome;
- For the inner rectangle with which a tailor tags our clothes,
The address upon it, an envelope with tough
Sides made of linen; - Unfairly angry in advance of future blows,
The beater at a concert, for the bunched end
Of a painter's maulstick; - for the round hole of an ordinary
Pencil-sharpener, an empty container for heavy buttons;
- For two clogs clashing to re-heat the contained big toes,
Two pitching boats at anchor during the equinox
Meeting head-on; - on a day when there's no boxing-match,
A leather ball in flight, for the gloved fist
Of an opponent; - a good deal in which, on a recent
Round, a lucky ten of Spades is turned over,
For a double five; - for the grey hair which sticks
In the questing pair of tweezers, a bar
Of iron secured by a virile clamp;
- For a humble chapel in which heads get bumped,
The gigantic cathedral which stands in Cologne;
- The savage iceberg, found at the North Pole,
For the narrow block of domestic ice, portable,
Which into pieces for glasses, in the pantry, is crushed;
- To a fisherman, for a louse in a hair-net,
A lazy water-spider investigating a fishing-net;))))

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*The Sancy. The Sancy diamond is a famous 55-carat stone of
Indian origin.
*The Heidelberg Tun. A celebrated wine-cask of 1751 with a
capacity of 49,000 gallons.
*Pouchet. Felix-Archimede Pouchet (1800-72) was a naturalist who
believed in the spontaneous generation of life from objects.
*Deucalion Throwing his stones. In Greek myth, Deucalion built a
boat in which he escaped death in the Great Flood inflicted upon
mankind by Zeus. Deucalion and his wife recreated the human
race by throwing stones behind them: his stones turned into
men, hers into women.
*Nobly takes the place of five fingers for the penguin. Specifically,
the manchot.
*The one into which the cheese falls from/The crow. A reference to
Aesop's fable of the crow who is flattered into dropping his
cheese by the fox.
*For that which a lucky thrower gets into the mouth of a barrel. A
reference to a variant of quoits in which large rings are thrown at
the mouth of a barrel.
*Punctuation mark > Presents to his master. i.e. !
*Guide-ane. A ruled sheet placed beneath another sheet of paper to
guide the hand in straight lines when writing.
*False Bishop > The Queen. In chess a Queen can move diagonally,
like a Bishop.
*String-covered pouch that one uses for sraying. i.e. like a
perfume-spray, or vaporiser.
*Torsade. An ornament, usually of horsehair, consisting of filaments wound into a spiral.