((((Witness:- the fat banker who is pursued and imprisoned;
- The malcontent in the calm of night, as the nightingale sings;
- The policeman in the Punch and Judy show;
- Samson feebly putting his best foot forward; - Turenne
When he had his first setback at Salzbach;
- Absinthe opening the gateway to bliss for the hypochondriac;
- The Prodigal Son returning to the nest without so much as a radish;
- The heir full of plans who, considering his imminent funeral,
Tots everything up, rounds off and makes deductions;
- The admiral beginning to snore unworriedly
On hearing the bells of Germain d'Auxerre;
- The conspirator Cinna, becoming before his throne
The friend of Augustus after he had sniffed out the trap;
- The sandal worn by the infant Jesus;
- The harem-girl to whom the handkerchief is thrown;
- The troubleshooter who hands over a false document;
- Daniel spared by the lions in the den;
- The clean egg which Colomb can never draw
Persuading her to retain poise;
- Lourdes changing a seriously ill person to a carefree one;
- The false prince tasting salad from a basket;
- When, seeing Gretchen on his wall, he raises a toast
Then whilst drinking dodges ten chandeliers, Doctor Faust;
- The evil spirit which humorously knocks off wigs;
- The rich inventor destroyed by his own creations;
- The pool of wax which, after heating,
Is stamped on to the seal of an envelope;
- The Pawn with a future that a change of square
Makes into a Queen; - Prometheus in chains on the Caucasus;
- The cat petted then cooked by Ma Michael;
- The rich child stolen by a gipsy;
- Cinderella ending up a princess;))))

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