(((((Just like:- the shadow near midday on the face of the sundial,
That tells the stomach that it needs its reward;
- The official metre by a frost, even though it's denied;
- A raised pair of underpants, defying the turds;
- A newspaper on the toilet seat of a public convenience;
- The boot in for repairs whose heel is worn away;
- What a good rabbi tears from his head with his fingernails;
- As he sets the table, a servant's pile of dishes;
- Repositioned by a barber, an armchair with a warm back;
- The staff, at reveille, held by a soldier of old;
- Juliet at the gala of Ejur*, and Romeo
Played by two child mimes gratis pro Deo;
- The vanquished lance which in a drama a knight breaks over his thigh;
- The bread which drives a Swiss to Mass with his mouth watering;
- The asparagus discarded after one bite;
- When a spade is in action, a worm in a fatal accident;
- The sword-stick partly unsheathed, when it is a false alarm;
- The too-high music stand, newly opened;
- A growing infant pianist, his supporting piano stool;
- The old calendar - formerly a fat block;
- The suspense of the delay after soup;
- The band of sealing paper when it is cut;
- The melting spot of ice upon which a breath has blown;
- The first flash of lightning which reduces the sail;
- The table, after a grand banquet, folded up once more;
- The arch up which water rapidly climbs whilst one watches it;
- At the receiving end of a smoker's fetid puff, the tinder;
- The bloody stump of the newly cut tail of a young pup;
- In dressage training, the unused part of the chain;
- When its head is about to fall off, the used match;
- The open half-flat tube that an old master squeezes;
- When, old, its button falls off, the elastic on a brolly;
- When the bed replaces the cradle, the back bedroom;
- The dandelion which awaits only a puff of air, its suffering;
- Her points made, the ballerina sinking to the floor;
- The action of a delinquent as interpreted by Magistrate X...;
- When the hose-user gets thirsty, the jetspout;
- The thread which, climbed by the spider, hangs down;
- On the border of a green carpet an honest figurine;
- A cigar reduced to a butt;
- The sun's disc in Neptune's skies;))))),

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*Ejur. The gala of Ejur is held in Roussel's Impressions of Africa.