(((Can one not get used to anything? two days after shearing
The harassed sheep no longer feels the chill;
If he can laugh, sing, whistle, earn rewards through his antics,
The parrot quickly gets used to the chain
- Like an oak tree he knows how to survive to old age
Since he only gets to eat by drawing attention to himself -
Which holds him fast to his perch even until death;
The jealous man ((((whose nights are restless
Ever since he saw a friend's name on the roll of honour,
And who celebrated in fine style
When, as famous abroad as he was in France,
A comrade - apparently foolishly -
Was seen to change his rosette for a tie))))
Gets used to the idea that others are being preferred;
The astronomer
Gets used to the vastness of space
Where light always runs in a straight line;
The dumb man to his slate, irritating to whiten;)))

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