Projects: Past



A discreet electroacoustic AI installation that detects and tramsits the hidden resonances in buildings. Pilot funded by NESTA/London Sinfonietta.


Life Explorer

This project was substantially funded by a well-known organisation, but is subject to a non-disclosure agreement.



Improving Museum Performance using Predictive Analysis. With Black Radley Ltd., Prof Hongji Yang, Dr Alison Hems. Funded by NESTA, £124,645


Education research tool, developed with with Prof Hongji Yang and Mr Sicong Ma. Funded by Institute of Education, Bath Spa University.


Rossum's Universal Replicants

Mini online opera, libretto and movies by Martin Rieser. Commissioned by CROMT, University of Sussex. Premiered at Glyndebourne.


A digitisation project for Chinese porcelain, with the Museum of East Asian Art, Lars Tharp, Dave Everitt, and the CCC.



A Hugill-curated CD with accompanying booklet commissioned by Sonic Arts Network. Tracks by: Alphonse Allais, Alfred Jarry, Marcel Duchamp, Percy Grainger, Boris Vian, Harpo Marx, Luc Etienne, Jean Dubuffet, Robert Wyatt & Hugh Hopper, Gavin Bryars, Nigey Lennon, Christopher Hobbs, Andrew Hugill, Frédéric Inigo, Gullibloon, John Levack Drever, Neil Salley, Ramuntcho Matta, Marc Battier.

Secret Garden

A multi-iPad installation with Martin Rieser (text, images) and Lee Scott (programming). Exhibited as part of the 'Post-humanist Desire' show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan, 2013/14 (36,509 visitors).

The Opera Group

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with The Opera Group. Funded by TSB, £42,750


The Old through the New

Interactive layered views of modern and historical Leicester. With Dr Jerry Fishenden.

Virtual Roman Leicester

Interactive digital model of Roman Leicester. Funded by Leicester City Council, £60,000

Animal Stories

Installation piece in three sections to accompany the Animal Stories exhibition at Leicester New Walk Museum.

City Soundings

City Soundings was a collaborative composition project made for the Radiophonic Creation Day organized by Wiska Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen. Several composers/artists took field recordings of their home cities, passing back and forth a pool of sound. Contributers: Steven Brown (UK), Marek Choloniewski (Poland), Andrea Cohen (France), Victoria Estok (USA), Brad Garton (USA), Janete El Haouli (Brazil), Andrew Hugill (UK), Malle Maltis (Estonia), Wiska Radkiewicz (USA), Hernan Risso Patron (Argentina), Franziska Schroeder (UK),Andrei Smirnov (Russia), Marie Wennersten (Sweden), Lidia Zielinska (Poland). Andrea Cohen presented City Soundings during a radio programme on France Culture, the public cultural French radio.


Leicester Digital Mapping

A cluster of projects aiming to create rich overlayed maps of the city's geography, environment and culture. Funded by AHRC and Leicester City Council. Collaboration between DMU, University of Leicester, Leicester City and County Councils, and Infoterra Ltd.

Disability and Digital Technology

Researching in teractive technologies for disability, in particular gaze control. Funded by DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £9,947

DARBS Agent-based framework.

A project with Prof Adrian Hopgood to build a new computational framework. Funded by DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £9,860



A survey and interactive hub for digital music, with Dr Rob Weale. Funded by HEIF, £355,422


Digital sensory experiences for therapeutic use in hospices and elsewhere. Collaboration with LOROS and Dr R Weale.

Creativity Assistant

A tool designed to help develop creative ideas in a transdisciplinary multimedia context, based upon the thesis that "creativity is an emergent property". With Prof H Zedan, Prof S Thomas, Prof S Brown.


Phoenix Rising

Online new media centre development, KTP funded by AHRC/TSB, £17,000


CREEM (Creativity East Midlands)

A network project investigating "creativity" and "innovation", including public dialogues and a conference. Funded by AHRC, ACE, DTI and ESRC. Principal Investigator: Prof S Brown.



Collaborative Stereoscopic Access Grid Environment for Experimentation within the Arts and Humanities Community (led by University of Manchester). Funded by JISC, £99,152


Sound Ideas

Project for developing young amateur composers. With the Philharmonia Orchestra. Funded by DES, Connexions, £60,000

The Sound Exchange

Web development project with the Philharmonia Orchestra. Funded by Arts Council of England, £36,000



Orchestral composition project with sounds from the Cassini space probe. With the Philharmonia Orchestra. Commissioned by National Space Centre, £3,500