Projects: past


Hugill Principal Investigator

2014, NESTA, £124,645: Insight: Improving Museum Performance using Predictive Analysis (with Black Radley Ltd. and co-investigators Prof Hongji Yang, Dr Alison Hems)

2014-2015, Bertie. Education research tool, funded by School of Education, Bath Spa University (with Prof Hongji Yang and Mr Sicong Ma).

2014-2015, ArtifaxA collaboration between the Museum of East Asian Art, Lars Tharp and the CCC.

2012, TSB, £42,750: Knowledge Transfer Partnership with The Opera Group.

2011, The Old through the New (interactive layered views of modern and historical Leicester.

2011, Leicester City Council, £23,000: Digital Public Access Project.

2010, Leicester City Council, £37,000: Virtual Roman Leicester.

2010, DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £10,000: Virtual Romans.

2010, Leicester Digital Mapping (A cluster of projects aiming to create rich overlayed maps of the city's geography, environment and culture. Funded by AHRC and Leicester City Council. Collaboration between DMU, University of Leicester, Leicetser City and County Councils, and Infoterra Ltd).

2010, DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £9,947: Disability and Digital Technology.

2010, DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £9,860: DARBS Agent-based framework.

2009, HEIF, £355,422: CPulse.

2009-2011, Life-Space (Aims to create a digital sensory room for therapeutic use in hospices and elsewhere. Initial work has focused on creative sound. Collaboration with LOROS. Principal Investigators: Prof A Hugill, Dr R Weale)

2008, AHRC, £17,000: Phoenix Rising: Online New Media Centre development, with Phoenix Arts.

2006-2009, HEFCE, £360,000: Collaborative Training Accounts.

2005, Stereo Bodies (A dance performance project working across the Access Grid Network. Funded by EPSRC. Principal Investigators: Dr H Bailey, Dr M Turner, Prof A Hugill)

2003, Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE), Science Research Infrastructure Fund, £1.3 million, Project Leader: Institute Of Creative Technologies.

2002, DES, Connexions, £60,000: Sound Ideas.

2002, Arts Council of England, £36,000: The Sound Exchange.

2001, National Space Centre, £3,500: Timestretch.

1999, Arts Council of England, ‘New Audiences’ scheme, £36,000: Symphony for Cornwall

1999, HEFCE, £192,000, Project Leader: Centre for Technology and the Arts.

Hugill Co-Investigator

2012, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, £10,000: Digital Opera Focus Groups (with The Opera Group)

2011, Leicester City Council, £23,000: Digital Public Access Project (with Jewry Wall Museum)

2010, DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £10,000: Virtual Romans (with Jewry Wall Museum)

2010, DMU Revolving Investment Fund, £9,860: DARBS Agent-based framework (With Prof Adrian Hopgood)

2009, De Montfort Creativity Assistant(A tool designed to help develop creative ideas in a transdisciplinary multimedia context, based upon the thesis that "creativity is an emergent property". Principal Investigators: Prof H Zedan, Prof S Thomas, Prof S Brown)

2009, New Contexts for Radio Art (Focused on the development of new forms for web-based radios. Principal Investigator: Dr A Cohen)

2007, Soundson (The Soundson Project is a web-based environment in which composers or amateurs-students living in different countries create a common sound composition through an ongoing exchange of sounds. Funded by European Cultural Season. Principal Investigators: Dr A Cohen, Dr W Radkiewicz, Dr S Smith)

2006-2007, CREEM (Creativity East Midlands) (A network project investigating "creativity" and "innovation", including public dialogues and a conference. Funded by AHRC, ACE, DTI and ESRC. Principal Investigator: Prof S Brown)

2006, Audiotheque (A new media platform for sharing radio drama, in collaboration with the BBC. Principal Investigator: Dr R Watson)

2004, JISC, £99,152: Collaborative Stereoscopic Access Grid Environment for Experimentation within the Arts and Humanities Community [CSAGE] (with University of Manchester)

The following externally funded projects took place in the IOCT during Hugill's period as Director:

2012, Transdisciplinary Networking and Collaboration (research by the Transdisciplinary Research Group, including the Transdisciplinary Centre initiative. Funded by HEIF and Sleepydog. Principal Investigators: Prof S Thomas, Prof M Rieser, Dr G Basten, Dr K Jallow)

2011, JISC: Greenview: Visualising energy consumption using augmented mobile reality software tools. (PI, Prof M Rieser)

2011, EU Culture Fund: Composing with Sounds (PI, Prof Landy)

2011, Inside Out: Sculpture in the Digital Age (A touring exhibition featuring 46 miniature sculptures produced in resin using 3D printing technologies. Collaboration with RMIT, Falmouth University, MMU UTS. Proncipal Investigators: Prof M Rieser and Ms C Smith (Australia))

2011,  Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People: social media development strategy (With Rainbows Hospice. Principal Investigator: Dr T Harwood)

2010: Empedia, locative media and culture, with Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd. (PI, Prof Rieser)

2010: International audience development for digital arts (PI, Dr Harwood) with Phoenix Arts

2010: Social media development strategy, with Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. (PI, Dr Harwood)

2010, The Street (Installation work exploring the art of climate change. Funded by ISEA. Principal Investigator: Prof M Rieser)

2010, REM: D. H. Lawrence Locative trail (PI, Prof M Rieser)

2010, Creative Skills Workshops (2008. With Bathysphere Ltd. Principal Investigator: Dr T Harwood)

2009, Technology Strategy Board, Feasibility/Fast track: Ocean of Light (PI, Prof M Rieser)

2009, NESTA: Amplified Leicester (PI, Prof S Thomas)

2009, The Third Woman (An interactive mobile film–game, updating post-war themes found in director Carol Reed's 1949 The Third Man Film. Funded by Finnish Film Foundation, Vienna Arts Council, emobilart. Principal Investigators: Prof M Rieser, Dr P Tikka)

2008-2010, Helium 3-D (Creating a 3D display that will extend the state of the art in autostereoscopic (glasses free) displays. The Helium-3D display technology addresses the effficiency and colour limitations of current and next generation displays by developing a new display technology based on direct-view RGB laser projection via a low loss transparent display screen to the eyes of viewers. Funded by the European Union. Principal Investigator: Dr I Sexton).

2008, Sound Organiser (Graphical sound manipulation software. Principal Investigator: Prof L Landy)

2008, HIRF: Innovation Fellowship (PI, Prof M Rieser)

2007-209, Sounding Underground (This practice-led research project studied commuter’s perceptions towards their daily life soundscape in underground public transport systems, taking the case studies of Paris and México City as counterparts of the London Underground. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Principal Investigator: Dr X Alarcón)

2006, Tags Network Narrative (This explored the use of social software in digital narrative research. Funded by the AHRC. Principal Investigator: Prof S Thomas

2006-2008, Arts Council England: Digital Writer in Residence (Mr Chris Joseph)

2006, EPSRC: Roboviz (PI, Dr A Ayesh)

2006, HEIF: Narrative Laboratory for the Creative Industries (PI, Prof S Thomas)

2005, A Million Penguins (The world's first wikinovel, written by thousands of authors and published by Penguin Books. Principal Investigator: Prof S Thomas)