Hugill's interest in pataphysics began in the early 1970s. In 1983 he became a member of the Collège de 'Pataphysique and more recently joined the Nederlandse Academie voor 'Patafysica and the Académie québecoise de la 'pataphysique. Pataphysics informs all his work and provides much of its sense of creative play and philosophical enquiry. This is most fully explored in the book 'Pataphysics: A Useless Guide.

Projects in progress

Ontology of Silence
A project to build both a computer and philosophical ontology of silence. See the blog for further information.

The Imaginary Voyage
New islands and a specially designed interface will be added to this ongoing digital opera project during 2018.


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Thomson, A. (1985) Le Poids des Sons (On the Weighing of Musical Sound). (Paris: Organographes du Cymbalum Pataphysicum)
Satie's phonoscales in action...

Book Chapters

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Hypertext version available at


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Hugill, A. (2016) Fictive Materialities: Imaginary Technologies of Music
Given at the Algomech conference, Sheffield, November 13th

Hugill, A. (2016) Transparency, Opacity, Antinomy: ’Pataphysics
Keynote given at the Transparency/Opacity conference, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, March 21-23.

Hugill, A. (2014) 'Pataphysics and Computing
Keynote paper given at the "Philadelphia à la ‘Pataphysique" conference, University of Pennsylvania, March 22nd.
Slides and Text

Hugill, A. (2014) The Pataphysics of the Future
Given at the Transdisciplinary Common Room, De Montfort University.

Hugill, A. (2013) Pataphysical Design .
Given at the School of Architecture, University of Bergen, Norway.

Hugill, A. (2013) Pataphysics, Albertopolis and 'the other' .
Given at the Architectural Association, London.

Hugill, A. (2012) On Uselessness and the Necessity of Pataphysics.
Keynote given at the Pataphysics Symposium , Mechanics Institute Library, San Francisco, Nov 2.

Hugill, A. (2010) Music and Pataphysics .
Given at the Music Department, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Hugill, A. (2010) Music and Pataphysics.
Given at the Music Conservatoire, Xi'an, China.

Hugill, A. (2005) 'Technologies musicales imaginaires: une Etude'.
Given at the symposium Technologies Imaginaires: l'approche pataphysique de la musique at Universite de Paris-IV Sorbonne. English version: HERE

Hugill, A. (1998) Pataphysics and the art of writing with constraint.
Given at the trAce Centre, Nottingham Trent University.

Hugill, A. (1995) 'Marcel Schwob, Immanuel Kant & Thomas de Quincey'. Given at Marcel Schwobet l'Angleterre , British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia, UK.


Hugill, A. (2014) Logical Grammar
Processed voice(s) 16-part | 12-part | 8-part 4-part (singer: Juliet Fraser).

Hugill, A. (2007) Valse des cure-dents (Waltz of the toothpicks)
Composed as a memorial to the death of Alfred Jarry.

Hugill, A. (2003) One Hundred Thousand Billion Songs.
This setting of Stanley Chapman's translation of Raymond Queneau's 'Cent mille milliards de poèmes' was premiered by Katina Kangaris (voice) and Christopher Hobbs (piano), at the French Institute, London, as part of the Raymond Queneau celebrations.

Hugill, A. (1995) Les Origines humaines
40', Ded. Matthew Greenall. Commisioned by the Elysian Singers of London with funds made available by the Holst Foundation. SATB (36 Voices). In 9 movements, of which 'Les Ancetres', 'La Nourriture', 'Le Grande Loi', L'Apparition du Sexe', Le Calembour' and 'Revelations et Diversites' have been or may be performed as individual concert works. Premiere: The Elysian Singers (cond. Matthew Greenall), at St Johns, Smith Square, London, February 24th, 1996. Here are the texts by Jean-Pierre Brisset.

Hugill, A. (1995) O Pax Aetherna
Scored for multiple pianos, this memorial work for the late Baron Opach was recorded by Hugill, Philippe Cathé, Catherine Laws, and others.

Hugill, A. (1994) Clinamen
10'. Electronic. Premiere: De Montfort University, Leicester, June 6th, 1994. Broadcast premiere: ResonanceFM, 2002. In Hugill, A. et al. (2006) Sonic Voyages. UHR 02001 1006.

Hugill, A. (1993) Delay in Glass
 11'. Electroacoustic (glass sounds). Premiere: Phoenix Arts, Leicester, May 1993.

Hugill, A. (1992) Uspud
Arrangement of Erik Satie's 'ballet chretien'. 35'. harmonium, piano, clarinet, tuba, string quartet and percussion. Premiere: 'George W. Welch', Blackheath Concert Halls. Broadcast premiere: BBC2 TV, 'Erik Satie - Things Seen to the Right and the Left' (with interview).

Hugill, A. (1992) Bachelor Machine
40' (in 5 movements), percussion solo. Commissioned by East Midlands Arts. Ded. Matthew Griffiths.  Percussion (single player), comprising: 5 low metal instruments, 5 mid-range metal, 5 skin, 5 wood, 5 glass, 3 drums, 9 sawn-off gas cylinders, metal sphere, timpani. Optional theatrical elements include: digital sound, water, twine, scissors, rowing-machine, bottle of Benedictine (empty), slide show. Additional: The following three movements from Bachelor Machine may be performed separately as concert works: The Bride (5 low metal instruments, 5 mid-range metal, 5 skin, 5 wood, 5 glass; 10') The Bachelor (3 drums, bottle, and recitation by performer of text by Jarry - rowing machine preferred but not compulsory! 12'); One-(wo)man-gamelan (9 metal objects; 9'). Premiere: Matthew Griffiths, Phoenix Arts, Leicester, May, 1992. Here are some further notes about this piece

Hugill, A. (1990) Brisset Rhymes
25'. Ded. Sara Stowe and Matthew Spring. Solo soprano, early instruments (hurdy-gurdy, oud, lute, renaissance guitar, bells, drums) and tape of frog calls. Premiere: Stowe and Spring, Leicester, 1990. Broadcast premiere: BBC Radio 3, October 29th, 1993.

Hugill, A. (1988) Doublemain
Based on Jarry's text 'L'autre Alceste'. 10'. This exists in five versions. The first three are scored for vln/gtr, clar/pno and vln/pno. Version 4: clarinet, viola, cello, piano (made for 'Perihelion' and first performed by them at the University of Queensland, Brisbane in 1996). Version 5: clarinet, violin, cello, piano (made for 'Burdocks' and first performed by them in Vancouver, Canada, 1998).

Hugill, A. (1987) Catalogue de Grenouilles
c.15'. 'Miniature amphibian opera' featuring multiple frog calls and piano/ensemble. Premiere: George W. Welch. Broadcast premiere: BBC Radio 3, February 2nd, 1991. Many other performances around the world. View video excerpt of performance by Hildegard Kleeb (piano) and Roland Dahinden (trombone) in Xi'an, China (2010). Download score. Available on the CD Pataphysical Piano.

CD Recordings

Hugill, A. (2010) Pataphysical Piano: the sounds and silences of Andrew Hugill
Single-composer CD of music for piano, performed by Taina Niemela, Isabel Chaplais, Adam Swayne, Richard Uttley, Paul Kean, Karis Stretton.

A Hugill-curated CD with accompanying booklet commissioned by Sonic Arts Network in 2012. Tracks by: Alphonse Allais, Alfred Jarry, Marcel Duchamp, Percy Grainger, Boris Vian, Harpo Marx, Luc Etienne, Jean Dubuffet, Robert Wyatt & Hugh Hopper, Gavin Bryars, Nigey Lennon, Christopher Hobbs, Andrew Hugill, Frédéric Inigo, Gullibloon, John Levack Drever, Neil Salley, Ramuntcho Matta, Marc Battier.

Grands Classiques du College
CD recording, Cymbalum Pataphysicum: "Cliques et Claques 2" .


'West Coast Live' interview, 2012. Interviewed by Sedge Thomson about 'Pataphysics. 2 million listeners.

La Grenouille et le 'Pataphysicien, 2010. Radio France Culture broadcast in the series 'Surpris par la nuit', featuring copious excerpts from musical works and an interview (90')