Web Resources

Hugill, A. & Rea, P. (2018) Balance Disorder Spectrum
An interactive spectrum of balance disorders

Hugill, A., Ma, S., Yang, H. (2016) BERTiE: British Education Research Tool
Giving teachers, students and all educators easy-access to education research, policy and comment online

Hugill, A. (2005) MusiMOO: A Multi-User Domain for Musicians (no longer available)

Hugill, A. (2004) The Orchestra: A User's Manual

Hugill, A. et al (2004) The Sound Exchange

Hugill, A. et al (2004) Sound Ideas

Hugill, A. (2004) Random Round
Interactive Flash version of Percy Grainger's composition (takes 15 seconds to load on a decent broadband connection)

Hugill, A. (1999) Symphony for Cornwall 
An education project involving a collaborative composition with 30 schools across Cornwall and the Bournemouth Sinfonietta, Funded by Arts Council England

Graves. A, Hand C, & Hugill, A. (1997) MidiVisualiser
A Virtual Reality music visualisation tool, written in VRML and Java

Hugill, A. (1995) Looe Island: A Virtual Tour

Hugill, A. (1994) New Impressions of Africa 
Hypertext translation of Cantos I, II & IV of Nouvelles Impressions d'Afrique by Raymond Roussel, with introduction.