Media: video

MSc Creative Technologies and Enterprise (2013) Interview to promote the new Integrated Masters course at Bath Spa University.

The Pataphysics of the Future (2013) Lunchtime talk at the Transdisciplinary Common Room, De Montfort University

Towards an analysis of 'Papa Sangre' (2012) Presentation of part of my analysis of 'Papa Sangre', an audio-only game for the iPad/iPhone.

Eurovision Song Contest (2012) Central TV news report on Engelbert Humperdinck's lack of success, with my comments from 1' 14" onwards

Analysing Audio-only Computer Games (2011) Presentation at the first symposium on electroacoustic music analysis

Andrew Hugill - introduction to my research (2011)

'Catalogue de Grenouilles' (2011) Short clip from a performance at Jade Valley, Xi'an, China, given by Hildegard Kleeb (piano) and Roland Dahinden (trombone), with the composer

Amplified Leicester - social media (2009) Brief interview about use of social media

Virtual Roman Leicester (2009) Drive-through of reconstruction of Roman Leicester in a games environment

Transliteracy and Music Part 1 | Part 2 (2007) Brief presentation from a symposium on transliteracy

Why do we abandon or switch ideas, methods and views whilst being creative? (2006) Public discussion with Prof Mohammad Ibrahim.

Erik Satie - Things Seen to the Right and the Left (1992) BBC2 TV docuemntary, including interviews with Hugill and excerpts from his arrangement of 'Uspud'.